Asian Wedding Customs Explained

When it comes to Oriental marriage ceremonies, each tradition and friends and family has their unique traditions. However , some of these age-old customs https://www.archives.gov/milestone-documents/list may well not suit you or your partner and you simply might want to opt out of which.

Each time a Chinese couple gets engaged, they often consult with dating indian women a monk or good fortune teller to find the best date for his or her wedding. This is done because a number of dates are believed to be unlucky and could cause bad good fortune in their relationship.

Throughout the Guo Da Li ceremony, the groom’s home will present Si Dian Jin (literally 4 pieces of gold) to the star of the event as a item that warranties her long term wealth. The couple will then be escorted by their parents to the wedding chamber wherever they’ll drink two cups of honey wine poured in goblets connected by red thread. This symbolizes the union from the two family members.

Following your ceremony, the couple is often welcomed with decorated twigs of Sakaki (a forest used to praise gods) by people and close relatives from both sides. The couple will also exchange all their rings in this area of the ceremony.


In some parts of the country, is actually customary for the groom to maintain a traditional tea ceremony to introduce himself to his bride’s family. This will likely usually involve his mother, aunts and cousins. During this time, the bride’s spouse and children will often acquire Lai Find (red envelopes) from the groom’s family filled with money. It’s also common designed for the few to have lion dancers function during this time, which can be believed to defend against evil mood.

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